Can’t Get Enough

We just can’t look away from drama. We can’t.

Don’t believe me? The simplest thing would be to encourage you to use your own eyes. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, OJ Simpson, true crime stories, the latest drama on Capitol Hill, any number of sex scandals – all are melodrama, and we can’t get enough. 

Social media is rife with drama, both manufactured and organic. So much so that the Urban Dictionary has an entry for “Facebook Drama.” Add into this argument our “need” to be hyperconnected through smartphones and tablets and we find that we have become a people who choose to spend time watching videos of cats and pontificating on social media. We no longer read; we listen to audiobooks. Television is no longer the only source of “free” entertainment; YouTube and podcasts are where we go. Charlie Swinbourne writes in the Guardian “Social media platforms let us write and star in our own personal dramas – how can television keep up?”

So, why are day time soap opera’s floundering? There may be a number of reasons. The biggest one is probably timing and time.

Television can’t keep up. We are too busy to spend the evenings watching an hour of recorded television that may or may not turn out to be any fun. However, we can plug into a podcast and spend 15 minutes or so to get a campy drama fix for the day. Take a walk along Restless Shores. You know you want to.

Stay restless.

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