Gamote Point

Gamote Point started as a sleepy little coastal fishing village with a lovely deep-water harbor. Not the picturesque fishing village that comes to mind, but an actual working harbor. Noisy fishing boats leaving predawn, the overpowering smell of fish and ocean, and businesses that supported that industry.

It was the shipping capabilities of the deep-water harbor and cheap real estate that attracted Zachery Roupp to the area. While the company Zachery established began to change the face of Gamote Point, it wasn’t until Milton took over the business end of the company that the fishing village disappeared.

Working for Roupp Pharmaceuticals was easier and more lucrative than trying to make a living from aquaculture. The children of generations old fishing families began to acquire skills that would allow them to work for Roupp or in one of the many support industries. In the course of time, Roupp became the major employer in the area and the second largest in the state. Gamote Point grew as Roupp Pharmaceuticals grew.

The effect on the area surrounding Gamote Point was dramatic. The sleepy village transformed into one of the largest towns in the state. It lost its character and became just another city with all the good and evil you would expect to see in a metropolitan area. And, like Roupp Pharmaceuticals, Gamote Point was almost entirely controlled by its puppet master, Milton Roupp.


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