Launch Time

Well, here we are. The cast has been selected, roles assigned, and the first recording session is just days away.  Production is finally beginning on our podcast melodrama, Restless Shores.  This ongoing serialized story explores the intrigue surrounding Roupp Pharmaceuticals, a billion-dollar enterprise located in the coastal city of Gamote Point. Lead scriptwriter, Greg Tulonen, pulls us in as he weaves the multifaceted tale of intrigue, scandal, and seduction surrounding the lives of the Roupp family.

Directed by Thom Hinton, cast members include:

Zachary Hoogkamp as Milton Roupp the iron-fisted head of Roupp Pharmaceuticals;

Sally Kent as Lorna Roupp the Machiavellian wife of Milton;

Nathan Austin as Uriah Roupp the pawn in the battle between his grandparents;

Denise Shannon as Rhonda Weppler the efficient and seductive administrative assistant;

Emily Grotz as Elise Geltz the young beautician at Permfection;

Aaron Sanchez as Miguel Rios the mysterious newcomer in town;

Shirley Savage as Regina Miranda the hard as nails manager of the night club Distractions;

Josh Flanagan as Buddy Price the dock worker who has a history with Rhonda;

Katrina Loef will be adding her talents for a variety of characters in the production;

and, of course, Stan Allen will guide the listener as the series announcer.

We launch on January 22, on iTunes. Until then stay Restless.

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