Scandal, intrigue and salaciousness 15 minutes at a time.

Restless Shores is now live and available on iTunes. Follow the podcast that explores the intrigue surrounding Roupp Pharmaceuticals, a billion-dollar enterprise located in the coastal city of Gamote Point.

Will Uriah thrive in his new job, or will he collapse under the pressure?  Will Milton’s iron grip over his grandson ever loosen?  Will Rhonda’s plan to use Uriah as a canary in the coal mine work?  Who is this stranger in town? Why did he stop at Gamote Point?

Get your weekly fix for intrigue and scandal and spend 15 minutes on Restless Shores. You know you want to.

Please follow the above link and listen to the first episode. If you enjoyed listening to Restless Shores, please take a moment to subscribe and leave a review. Until next time, stay restless.


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