Five things you didn’t know about Buddy Price

Buddy was a high school athletic super star and self-styled ladies’ man. He had a full ride athletic scholarship to an in-state college, but a drunk driving accident (he was the drunk driver and he ran the car up a telephone pole) ended his college and athletic career.

Buddy’s real name is Hershel.

When Rhonda saw the Adonis like Buddy (who was fresh out of high school) working on the dock at Roupp, she seduced him (not difficult to do with Buddy.) She quickly found out that under that beautiful exterior, was a lot of tedious ego. She wrote it off as a less than satisfying one-night stand.

As soon as Buddy was legally allowed to, he started hitting the bars, but either found the bar too expensive or felt unwelcome at all of them except for Distractions.

Buddy still lives in his parent’s garage apartment, has his mom do his laundry, and doesn’t pay rent.

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