Someone finally gets it!

The article entitled “Decline of soap operas: Was OJ Simpson to blame?” by Sarah Shaath for BBC News, Washington, immediately caught our attention here at New Meadows Media.

Ms. Shaath begins her article with the statement that in 1969 there were 18 televised daytime soap operas and now there are only four. She continues to mention that the fans love the cliffhangers, the intrigue, and the ability to delve intimately into the personal lives of the characters. Add into that the ongoing storytelling nature of a soap opera, and you have a winner.

Duh. Ms. Shaath researched the abundant data available on soap operas and came up with the same conclusion that we did. We highlighted the same data in our business plan.

People like soap operas. Dress up the name whichever way you want, melodrama, serial drama, or podcast theater. Here at New Meadows Media, we’re going to call it what it is – a soap opera.

Thank you, Ms. Shaath. We feel somewhat vindicated.

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