Take the time for something fun

Ashley Graber, M.A. LMFT interviewed Ali Boone, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and wrote an article on March 28, 2019, entitled “Slow Down To Do More: ‘Why Watching A Soap Opera Can Start Your Day Off Right.’

The take of the article was that we are all so pressured and rushed; our lives so connected to social media, cell phones, and technology that an attention deficit issue with nearly everyone is becoming the norm; and we tend to work harder and not smarter to get more done which creates stress. We all know how healthy stress is for us.

Ms. Boone lists six strategies to help us slow down to do more. One of those strategies is to enjoy a soap opera to help us relax.

We couldn’t agree more.

People tend to cut doing entertaining things from their schedules because it is seen as frivolous and wasteful. Take a few minutes to relax and listen to Restless Shores before you dive into that big project. You’ll be glad you did.

We know not everyone will agree with us. In fact, I can hear my grandmother going on about idle hands now.   

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