Spoiler Alerts!

Just being able to use the term “spoiler alerts” is so much fun!

We recently asked a fan (thanks Krissy) to provide feedback on Episode 17 “Visitors” because it was a little bit different in format than the other episodes. She told us that the format was different but in a good way. The surprise was that she said it stressed her out.

We asked why.

She said:

  1. How can Milton be the father of Rhonda’s baby when he is sterile?
  2. How can Miguel be on the videotape when he was with Rhonda?
  3. Did Rhonda alter the murder video like she did on Larry Donovan’s “Han shot first” moment?
  4. Will Miguel be okay?

Of course, we didn’t supply answers to these questions. We’re not going to now. We can tell you that they will all be answered. Greg Tulonen, our writer, has some surprises for you. Walk along Restless Shores and find out for yourself – and remember to leave a review!

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