Thanks, Andy

News Center Maine’s show 207 (that’s channel 6 for all you Mainers) will run an interview with Restless Shores cast and crew at 7:00 pm EST on Tuesday, July 9. We are very excited that WCSH and Robert Nesbitt were willing to come to West Bath for this interview.

While we, of course, think that our actors, writer, and crew are the best around, it is awesome to know that someone else finds us worth noticing. Thanks, News Center Maine, for taking the time to tell others about this cool thing happening in West Bath.

There is one more person we would like to thank.

We spent a great deal of time talking with folks about marketing. They all had very sound marketing advice for a regular business venture; not so much for a creative enterprise. It’s not that we didn’t appreciate their guidance; it just didn’t work for us.

What worked was the advice we got from Andy.

Thank you for your marketing insight and wisdom. You are the bee’s knees.

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