We weren’t preempted by Robert Mueller

General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Young and the Restless were all preempted on Wednesday because of Robert Mueller. Fans had to wait a day to enjoy the next episodes.

Not Restless Shores fans. Our fans can still download and listen to any episode at any time in any order they want despite what Robert Mueller is doing.

“The Trial” for Restless Shores dropped last week. In a surprise twist during the murder trial of Miguel Rios, a stranger appears and clears Miguel of the crime and then disappears in the commotion that follows. Tomorrow morning “Consequences” will become available with Milton Roupp confronting Dr. Mangus Carlisle over old sins.

Doesn’t that sound more interesting than anything Robert Mueller has to say?

Just saying.

Scandal, intrigue and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time.

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