We’re trending in Seoul

Nine months ago, not knowing what would happen, we launched Restless Shores. After all, no one else had attempted an ongoing podcast soap opera. We were the first of our kind. What did happen in that nine months humbles me and takes my breath away.

We are in 22 countries besides the U.S.  We have been downloaded 7,300 times in nearly 300 cities world wide, (we keep getting some that don’t give us a city or country, and for some reason, we don’t see towns in Spain.) The crazy thing is we have seen downloads from North Korea and Iran.

Looking at a map of cities, it is clear that after nine months of broadcasting, we are lighting up the east coast like a Christmas Tree from Anson, Maine, to Miami, Florida. We have listeners populating the gulf coast and in California (both north and south) and Washington State. Over the past three weeks, we have seen Asia go from zero downloads to blooming from Japan to New Delhi, India. Seoul, South Korea, is pulling six percent of our downloads; more than Portland, Maine.

And we record in a living room in, of all places, West Bath, Maine.

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