Boy, Was I Wrong!

I’ve been telling everyone that Restless Shores has been downloaded in 24 countries. Nope. We did a data dive today.

We are in 32 countries and approximately 419 cities. We don’t know about the cities for certain because there are 31 regions that have downloads with no specific city attached to those downloads. For instance, in Maine there are 120 named locations and 182 downloads with no city indicated.

On the big map, we have moved down the east coast and up around the gulf coast (still no Mississippi downloads.) Restless Shores is a strong presence in the British Isles and is wrapping around the Mediterranean Sea. South Korea is a solid Restless Shores anchor in Asia. My mom is happy that there are downloads in Australia.

So, I admit, I was wrong, but I can’t say I feel too bad about it.

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