Going where no man has gone before

We can now boast of downloads on every continent except Antarctica. Every single one.

So, what is next?

Of course, we will continue to build our listener base. We want to send out a thank you to all of you who have listened to Restless Shores (especially you guys in Seoul); we could not have gotten here without you.

However, the question remains – what’s next?

We had thought it was beyond our reach, but it would just be so cool. So, like we did when we jumped into the podcast soap opera business, we are going for it even though we really are not certain how we will accomplish it.

We have already made inquiries. Don’t know if we will get any further than asking, but we are doing it. We want to be downloaded in the final frontier. After all there is a Mainer on the space station.

It would be so awesome!

Come on NASA, you know you want to.

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