Welcome to Restless Shores!

I would like to take a few moments to welcome and thank our rapidly growing community of 44 countries to Restless Shores. And as for the unknown country, it’s okay to be shy.

For those who haven’t moved in yet, you are welcome to our neighborhood at any time. We are building a community not unlike the United Nations, but ours is proud to be openly dedicated to scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness — on purpose — fifteen minutes at a time. Come and join us as we walk along Restless Shores.

Algeria   Portugal   Kenya  
Australia   United Kingdom   South Africa  
Bahamas   Austria   Panama  
Fiji   Canada Germany  
France   Brazil   Sweden  
Japan   Columbia   India  
Philippines   Egypt   Indonesia  
Iran   Iraq   Ireland  
Italy   Malaysia   Mexico  
Netherlands   New Zealand   Peru  
Slovakia   South Korea   North Korea  
Argentina   Puerto Rico   Thailand  
Vietnam   Turkey   Honduras  
Taiwan   Switzerland   Unknown
Spain   United States  

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