We broke into the top 100

Yep. We did. In ten months.

On November 5, 2019, we hit a rating of 84 in the US Apple Podcast category of Performing Arts and Entertainment. We anticipate crossing 10,000 downloads this weekend.

Thank you to our fans — those of you who listen to us, leave reviews, donate on Patreon, and tell your friends about us. It is our fans that have gotten us here. I wish I could shake every one of your hands for helping us achieve what we have.

We love making each episode of Restless Shores and bringing it to you every week. Please help us continue this drive to the goal by leaving a five-star rating or letting us know what you think about your favorite Restless Shore character in a review.

It is because of you that we can honestly say, “Look out world, here we come!”

Thank you all so very, very much.

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