We made it into West Bath history

Check out the article on page six in The Middle Ground, a biannual publication of the West Bath Historical Society.  

West Bath is a small town on a peninsula between Brunswick, Maine, and Bath, Maine. To the south is Phippsburg, Maine, and across the water and to the southwest is Harpswell, Maine. Everything else is ocean or rivers.

We have around 2,000 people who live here and are proud of the fact that we ceded from Bath in 1844 in a dispute over sidewalks. The folks living in what would become West Bath were paying for Bath sidewalks, but not getting any sidewalks. Funny thing is today West Bath is considered a suburb of both Bath and Brunswick, and we still don’t have sidewalks.

Now, West Bath’s other claim to fame is the podcast soap opera hit Restless Shores.

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