It’s true. We’re taking a few moments to celebrate our success.

This time last year, we had decided to go against all the business advice that we had been receiving. We had hired a writer, hoped that we were buying the right microphones, and were interviewing actors like crazy. It’s not that we hadn’t heard what these well-informed business advisors were saying to us, we just believed in this project.

The business advisors that we had sought out understood some things that last year at this time we did not.

  • We weren’t experienced businesspeople.
  • We didn’t have any familiarity with podcasting.
  • We didn’t have the financial backing for a startup.
  • We had never managed employees as business owners.
  • The market was flooded with podcasters.
  • Soap operas are a dying entertainment venue. We were told that we shouldn’t even use the term ‘soap opera’ to describe the project.

All true. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing. Our younger friends all thought we were too old to understand social media and podcasting. All we had was our belief in Restless Shores.

Turns out:

  • We managed to get it up and running and have been successfully dropping an episode a week.
  • We figured out podcasting.
  • We paid for it out of our own pockets.
  • We have some unbelievable actors and an award-winning writer as employees.
  • Our iTunes chart says it all as far as our ability to compete with other podcasts.
  • It turns out that people aren’t turned off by the term ‘soap opera’ and are listening in droves on an international level.
  • And, we’re having a great time creating fifteen minutes of scandal, intrigue and salaciousness one episode at a time.

All we can say after the last 11 months of operation is — SURPRISE!

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