Niche Popularity

Once upon a time someone told us that Restless Shores may garner a “niche” following.

You, our fans, had proven otherwise.

Thank you. It is you who have made us a world-wide phenomenon. You found us and are continuing to download us at exponentially increasing rates. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Many of you are requesting more frequent downloads and we would love to bring them to you. If you would like to help us do that, it’s wicked easy. Go to iTunes and leave a five-star review. If you have a few extra seconds, leave a written review. We have noticed that many of our characters are campaigning to become the fan favorite. (We hear Milton is really mad.) So, if you are able to help us with a written review, maybe you could take the time to tell us who your favorite character is.

Again, thank you for propelling us light years beyond “niche popularity.”

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