Celebrating our first year.

We just sent off payroll for December, which closes out our first year of production. You have listened, left reviews, and sent your good wishes along to us. As we look back on the accomplishments and lessons learned in our walk along Restless Shores, we know that it is our fans that have propelled us this far. Thank you.

If you have some time during the end of the year holidays, please take a few moments to leave a five-star rating on iTunes or even a written review. We are so appreciative and do love to read them.

Also, Rhonda’s babies need a name. So, imposing upon you a bit more, please give us a hand in finding the perfect ones by clicking on the Name the Babies link. Winners get an official Restless Shores hat!

We look forward to next year with joy.

We’ve read the scripts, and we know that, thanks to the pen of Greg Tulonen, things are going to be even more Restless.

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