Just look at what you’ve done!

Yeah! You! You know who you are!

Time to step up and take responsibility for your actions, Bucko.

You took a chance on Restless Shores and listened.

You left us reviews.

You told your friends.

You subscribed.

You donated.

You commented.

You followed.

You made us a success in under a year by choosing to walk along a different shore than most of the other podcasters were offering.

Thank you.

Because of you, Restless Shores was able to maintain an iTunes rating in December in the top 50 for several consecutive days, two of those days at number 33 and one at 34.

Because of you, Restless Shores has 16,658 downloads across all the podcast hosts we use.

Because of you, Restless Shores’s first episode has been downloaded 1,014 times.

We know that it will be because of you that we will be able to meet our goal for 2020. With your continued support, we will achieve our objective for next year and be able to provide you with more episodes each week.

Please continue to leave reviews on iTunes, donate through Patreon, and tell your friends about us.

Thank you.

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