We blame the writer

Yesterday a fan (Helen) approached and said, “Well, who is it?”

We were slightly confused because, well, we do have a life outside of Restless Shores and the comment could have been referring to several other things. So, we pressed to find out what this fan meant.

We’re going to paraphrase what Helen told us to avoid spoilers. She said that Milton recognized the person who was causing his current discomfort. She wanted to know who it was.

She persisted in trying to wheedle the information out of us. She made a few guesses that were wrong. It was obvious it was making her crazy. Of course, we didn’t tell her. We don’t give out spoilers.

While we are fully aware of the talent our actors bring to Restless Shores and the flair of our sound engineer to put it all together for our fans, Helen’s evident curiosity was a direct result of the diabolical skill of our writer, Greg Tulonen.

Thanks, Greg, for bringing us all these tasty cliff hangers.

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