Alligators and Bumblebees

Once upon a time a writer took a writing job to write on the topic, “Can alligators climb trees?”

The writer researched the topic, read scholarly papers by folks who had spent a lifetime studying alligators, looked at alligator anatomy, and dug through news articles about alligator attacks.

The conclusion was alligators cannot climb trees. They run wicked fast, so don’t get into a race with one when death is on the line. However, you can easily escape by shinnying up a tree, just get higher than the alligator can reach.

The client hated the article and refused to pay for it. What they wanted was an article stating that alligators could climb trees. They can’t. They wanted the writer to fake the data and use sketchy photos (probably photoshopped) of alligators in trees. Nope.

The bumblebee is not aerodynamic, and many say should not fly despite evidence to the contrary. They buzz happily around our garden in the summer. No, they don’t look like “regular” bees but despite that they are entertaining to watch fly.

At Restless Shores we are not fudging the data. Over the course of time, we have seen people who do. The numbers are everything to many businesses. If those numbers get tweaked a little here and massaged a little there, well, who is to know?

We would. It ain’t right. When we give you numbers, we’re not trying to get you to trust data that has been “enhanced” to make it look like something it isn’t.

We’re more like the bumblebee. Many said Restless Shores wouldn’t fly. It’s true. We don’t look like a regular podcast. Yet here we are, happily buzzing around and entertaining to listen to without fear of alligators in the trees.

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