Proof of Concept

Having a good idea is one thing. To be able to provide proof of concept is another.

For Restless Shores, we had a good idea. We threw this good idea into the dance of money and workforce that is the foundation of all business. After a year of production and nipping at the heels of 20,000 downloads, we have provided proof of concept for the popularity of a podcast soap opera.

Moving forward, we need to increase the cash flow so that we can continue to bring Restless Shores to you.

However, confirmation bias and belief perseverance continue to rage against our proof of concept. Conventional wisdom doesn’t know what to do with a podcast soap opera. We believe the soap opera industry isn’t comfortable with the idea either. Many continue to poke holes in our success. Many more refuse to acknowledge this achievement. To paraphrase what Stephen King said in “On Writing” there will always be people looking to tear you down.

Well, bring it on.

We stand here with our proof of concept in our hands. Let’s work together to continue to achieve anyway even though some refuse to see the truth of Restless Shores popularity and continue to view our success through biased eyes. We are asking for fans to contribute to Patreon to support us and help us give you more episodes each week.

We got this far together with your help. Let’s see how far we can take it.

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