Wagging our own tail

It’s been said that it is a poor dog that doesn’t wag its own tail. From time to time we take an opportunity to wag our own tail. The best way to is through the mouths of our fans. Here are things that you have to say about Restless Shores. If you haven’t left a written review yet, please go to iTunes and leave one. We are all really pumped when we see them.

  • Colbydog1, Love Restless Shores!! I am completely sucked in!! I have been binge listening all weekend. The Characters are great and the twists and turns are fabulous!!!
  • Brunswickdoc, Addictive in a good way Love listening to it every Friday. Lorna Roupp is my favorite character.
  • JenFromMaine, So fun! I’m hooked! Love listening!
  • Moms favorite!,  Amazing!! I love the show! Keep it up. My favorite is Harlan the archeologists
  • Fly Fishing Simplified,  It gets you hooked Listen to the first two episodes and then try to stop listening. It isn’t possible. Great show really enjoying it.
  • claudette mcmurrin,  Hmmmm getting hot On my third episode and I’m hooked
  • Mainecreek,  Can’t wait for more! I’m already hooked, excited to hear the next episode!
  • hipstervenus,  So original! I cannot wait for the next episodes! The suspense is killing me. Love love love the characters.
  • Wilmarie9,  Scandalous!!! I wish the music at the beginning of the episodes wasn’t so long. Other than that, I love it!
  • Northeastern Scott, Interesting to see where this goes Intrigued by this and will look forward to other episodes!
  • Lion boo, Oooo the drama Ugh I love the billionaire intrigue. Let’s keep up the good story. I’m hooked.
  • Stevie in Maine,  Intriguing story Oh, dastardly things are happening in Gamote Point! Milton, Rhonda and Uriah are creating a web of blackmail and intrigue. Wonder where this will go???

And Stevie in Maine, the best is yet to be.

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