25,000 and counting

Yesterday, Restless Shores hit 25;000 downloads despite social distancing and, therefore, no new episodes recorded. That will end soon as we ease into normal again.

Last week we gained the following new neighbors.

Richmond, British Columbia; Guelph, Ontario; Ageo, Japan; Unknown city in Malaysia; Tombstone, Arizona; Hyattsville, Maryland; Auburn, Massachusetts; Barnstable, Massachusetts; and Hampton, Virginia.

Our Movers and shakers from last week are:

Hampton, Virginia at 68; Waterlooville, England at 40; Castlereagh, Northern Ireland at 39; Findlay, Ohio at 32; Brunswick, Maine at 27; Ageo, Japan at 25; Largo, Florida at 23; Westerville, Ohio at 21; and Portland, Maine at 13.

Thank you, everyone, for getting us to this landmark and supporting us during COVID-19 social distancing.

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