Our recording studio is now open to authors.

New Meadows Media is opening its recording studio to authors. Authors can create an audiobook with the assistance of the producers of Restless Shores.

  • Record using the same space and equipment as the Restless Shores cast.
    • Gain access to a proven recording space and have the services of a skilled sound engineer.
  • Read your book yourself or hire an actor(s).
    • Do it yourself, hire your own actor, or hire one of the Restless Shores’ cast members.
    • Dramatize your audiobook with a cast of actors. We have six microphones available.
  • Turn your book into an audio script.
    • We will show you how or we will do it for you.​
  • Finalize your book for publication.
    • Use one of our sound engineers to smooth out your audio, or do it yourself.
    • Add sound effects.

For more information, contact rs@newmeadowsmedia.com, www.newmeadowsmedia.com or call (207) 319-7561.

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