Warts and all

We recently took the opportunity to binge listen to our Restless Shores episodes. Not being ashamed at tooting our own horn, we couldn’t be prouder.

However, the question did arise, “Should we re-record those first few episodes?”

We can hear the improvement between those first three or four episodes and the tracks we just laid down. We are not disparaging those initial efforts. We are tickled pink with them. We were new to podcasting, the actors were feeling out their roles, and writing a long-term saga (even if it is campy) is not easy. Our footing was not certain in those early days. So, yea, those initial offerings are not as polished as what we are producing now.

Should they be redone for quality purposes?

The answer is no.

We made podcast history with Restless Shores. To redo those first episodes would be akin to rewriting the past. We believe our episodes should remain as they are, warts and all. When people go back and analyze why we are popular, they will see that we didn’t have to be perfectly polished to be successful.

We kind of like that.

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