Must Be the Coronal Mass Ejection

We were pleasantly pleased to find we had a significant bump in downloads especially on a day we don’t usually see high download numbers. We couldn’t think of anything that might cause that, so we went looking. We didn’t find anything recent, but we did find some stuff. When Maine Public listed us on their Short List under Speculative Fiction, we were very happy campers. Turns out we have a few more mentions that we somehow missed.

Julie Scala was mentioned in a Listen Rinse Repeat post discussing “Geographically Impaired” written by Sebastian Michaels. Scott Wachter and Julie performed the piece. Julie was listed as “of Restless Shores.”

Restless Shores’ Times Record Article was listed in podToPod’s Podcast Industry News under their “That’s Interesting” category.

We have fans! We were recommended in a Reddit thread.

OwlTail is a platform that curates podcasts and make recommendations to listeners. They list Restless Shores.

It was gratifying to find all these mentions, but we still don’t know why we got the bump. We figure it was the recent coronal mass ejection. The bump could not have been caused by the great writing, the awesome acting and direction, or the quality of the sound engineering. Yep. It was the solar flare.

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