Getting it done two ways

Tonight, Restless Shores becomes more than an internet presence. We will be multiplatform as WCME (99.5 FM 900 AM) in Brunswick begins to broadcast episodes of our scripted podcast. It gives us the good kind of chills.

We took a quick look to see how many other podcasts have also picked up radio as an additional broadcasting platform and didn’t find any. While there may be some out there, this may be another first for New Meadows Media.

Now, you can follow what in the heck Uriah is doing, learn whether Rhonda will choose Milton over Miguel, find out who the father of Lorna’s son really is, or see if Regina can get Elise out of the bank vault.

Tune in tonight at 7:05 pm to WCME (99.5 FM 900 AM) in Brunswick, Maine or listen to the first episode of Restless Shores, “The Bill Comes Due,” anytime on your favorite podcast provider.

You know you want to.

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