Like that first kiss

We are about to roll over 40,000 total downloads. When we think about our novel, Zombie Moose of West Bath Maine, that sold something under 50 copies and compare that to how many people have listened to an episode of Restless Shores, it boggles our mind.

We are excited about hitting the big 40, but the real zing for us was back in the early days when we hit 1,000 downloads. Compared to where we are now, it doesn’t seem like much. Our first “big” number and the memory of the sense of accomplishment still warms our hearts.

Like a first kiss, we leaned in and closed our eyes, hoping for the magic we just knew was there when we launched the podcast.

On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, we will hit another “big” number. We will be recording our 100th episode, our centennial moment. We can’t let this benchmark pass without some acknowledgment, some celebration, even if it is a muted one. We did it. COVID may prevent us from celebrating. It seems, like that first stolen kiss, it may go unheralded by the world in general. But we don’t care. We will carry the memory of this achievement for a lifetime.

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