It’s a Wonderful Life

Black Friday is here and, in the United States, we are beginning that freefall into the week-long Christmas/New Years’ party. We terrorized by other overstressed drivers, bombarded with crappy holiday music, assaulted by overpriced “holiday deals,” and subjected to endless “cute” holiday memes.

Your television is proud to bring you the sappiest entertainment they can think up. If there were still movie theaters open, you could see all those tired retreaded Christmas themed movies. But theaters aren’t open, so you can PAY to stream them. Things couldn’t be better.

We have mentioned before that Restless Shores is COVID-19 safe entertainment, accessible, and FREE. Just download us and listen. It’s too easy. Don’t get lost in the crazy traffic, confused crowds, or deal with cyber Monday internet lag. Instead, grab a cup of coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and enhance your calm as you wander happily along Restless Shores.

We are coming up on our 100th episode in January, so you’ll want to catch to figure what’s eating Lorna Roupp and just what she is doing.

Scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time.

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