Ten Weeks

Restless Shores taking the world by storm.

We went over 45,000 worldwide downloads on January 10th and we will drop our 100th episode on January 22nd. We will enter our second year in six days. That is a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate. Who knew that a troupe of folks from Maine could pull it off? Yet here we are.

If we keep growing downloads at the rate we are growing now, in ten weeks we will be at 50,000 total downloads. Who knows what the future holds? We certainly don’t. While it is nice to think about what might happen in ten weeks, I think I’ll focus on the amazing work our cast and crew have accomplished so far.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you have done. Let’s keep the magic going.

Anthony Antonlinski

Stan Allen

Nathan Austin

Rebecca Chase

Berry Dodd

Joshua Flannagan

Susan Green

Emily Grotz

Greg Hawk

Chanda Hinton

Thom Hinton

Zachery Hoogkamp

Sally Kent

Dominic Litchfield

Katrina Loef

Joseph Lugosch

Drew Masse

Kyle Nannen

Julie Poulin

Oliver Rhodes

Elizabeth Rowe

Michael Rowe

Aaron Sanchez

Shirley Savage

Julie Scala

Denise Shannon

Greg Tulonen

Leslie Woodroffe

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