Our biggest competitor? Washington DC!

No one can deny that Washington DC is the world leader in soap operas or at least consistently in the top five on any given day. How can a podcast soap opera from Maine compete with that? Restless Shores has most of the same stuff you find in everyday politics, just more fun, and each episode only lasts fifteen minutes instead of weeks.

  • We have influential people who want to stay in power. Don’t cross Ivan Bulgakov even if you’re related – ask Agnes Brody and Peter Bulgakov. We can’t let this topic pass without mentioning Milton Roupp, who went from the CEO of a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company to Governor without getting elected to the office. He even made Time Magazine’s Man of the Year while being held captive in a private hospital. How did that happen?
  • We have scandalous romantic entanglements. Rhonda with Milton or Rhonda with Milton’s clone, Miguel? Elise with Regina or Elise with Veronica?
  • We have birth control pills swapped out for placebos.
  • We have kidnappings and plastic surgery.
  • We have people who engage in corporate espionage and some who are professional thieves.
  • We have backroom negotiations and under the table deal-making.
  • We have blackmail and implied threats.
  • We have people using science to kill other people.
  • We have multiple clones of Milton Roupp – one is just as evil as the original. I hope that we don’t have evil clones of people in politics, but you never know, do you?
  • We have burning brothels and lying prostitutes.
  • We have a rowdy blue-collar bar and a restaurant that serves the best Kung Pao chicken around.
  • We even have psychics.

So, as you can see, Washington DC is our biggest competitor and gets better press. We know that we are entertaining, but who can compete with our national stage? We can promise all the campy fun of people engaging in scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time. Take a walk on Restless Shores. You know you want to.

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