Brains and Brawn

Zach Hoogkamp, the actor who makes us all hate Milton Roupp, is more than a consummate voice actor. He is also a professional wrestler who uses the name Zach Burton when he is in the ring.

Zach is currently wrestling with Let’s Wrestle in Orono, Maine. If you can’t get enough wrestling, you can watch Zack on IWTV, which is now offering a free five-day trial when you use the word LIMITLESS.

When asked about his wrestling alter-ego, Zach tells us that he is one of those voices in the back of his head, and when you say the name Zach Burton three times, well, then The Show begins.

Should you become a fan of Zach’s professional wrestling persona, you can pick up some wrestling swag. If you have some questions, you can message him through his Facebook page.

You can check out some of Zach Burton’s matches here, here, here, and here.

Here at Restless Shores, we are enjoying having an actor who embodies both brains and brawn.

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