A Restless Shores Recovery

In April and May of 2020, our listenership took a dive. A big dive. We went from 3,276 downloads in January of 2020 to 1,477 in April and 1,498 in May. We were more than a bit concerned as that was a drop of 1,799. We struggled through the summer, limping along with alarming numbers, and faced some tough decisions about the podcast’s future.

In January of 2020, we were riding high. By April of 2020, we watched our growing momentum slide down the chute to oblivion. We felt like we were forced into a corner as the restrictions to production mounted.  Like so many entertainment venues, we switched from the energy of a full-cast recording together to actors recording separately from their home and the myriad technical and creative difficulties that imposed.

The Universe must love a good melodrama as well. Today, we’ve more than doubled that number as we are quickly approaching 54,000 total downloads. We’ve returned to having at least 100 downloads a day and nearly 1,000 in a week. We’re coming out swinging with plans to produce a multicast audiobook (Venus in a Bodice) this spring and begin production on another scripted melodrama podcast (Shamus) by fall.  

We’re glad we decided, despite circumstances out of our control, to do our best to keep Restless Shores going.  To paraphrase Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity, we aim to misbehave.

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