Chocolate that comes in small batches

Ship City Sweets takes the time to make sure their chocolate is the ultimate indulgence while listening to the intrigues of Restless Shores. Right now, you can grab that gourmet chocolate at 20% off by entering the code “Restless” when you order. The tenth person to order using “Restless” will win Ship City Sweets’ famous Milk Chocolate Lobster Dinner—a $34.95 value! Yep. A chocolate lover’s dream. One pound of solid premium milk chocolate lobster, white chocolate corn on the cob, white chocolate butter, candy lemons, and a “How to eat Maine Lobster” bib. Perfect.

Order your gourmet chocolate from Ship City Sweets, and remember to enter the code “Restless” for 20% off your order. If you’re lucky enough to be the tenth person to use “Restless,” you will be living in gourmet chocolate nirvana.  

Order your gourmet small-batch chocolate bliss today. You know you want to.

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