About Gamote Point

If we are going to talk about Gamote Point, we have to talk about the Roupp family. The Roupps didn’t found Gamote Point. The town started as a ferry point for men crossing the river to get to the logging camps. The small village grew up quickly as the ships brought in goods to trade for the tall timbers harvested locally. It didn’t take long for the rough and ready community to take on airs and gentrify themselves. The town quickly divided using the river as the barrier between the better side in the city and the “other” side.

Ezekial Roupp came to Gamote Point and settled on the better side of town. He had made a small fortune selling ‘patent’ medicine in the wilder parts of the continent. He did a better job of hawking his wears than his competitors did, being careful to ensure that his buyers won’t die from his concoctions. Ezekial made a ton of money and, understanding how profitable pharmaceuticals could be, sent his son, Daniel, to college to learn the art of pharmacy.

Daniel was brilliant and developed a process that could have made him millions. Unfortunately, Daniel didn’t have Ezekial’s head for profit and gave the formula away ‘for the good of mankind.’ His son, Milton, never forgave him and turned the little pharmaceutical concern his father started into a billion-dollar business. Milton’s iron-fisted control of his company and family extended to the town of Gamote Point. He would ruin, in any way possible, or have killed anyone who got in his way.

Milton set sights on marrying the debutant of her day as much for her money as her social status. Milton swept Lorna offer her feet, and, despite her parent’s unbridled disapproval of Milton, he convinced Lorna to run away with him. The fairy tale elopement was a headliner for several weeks, and Lorna’s parents agreed to recognize Milton as their son-in-law. Lorna quickly realized that she was in a loveless marriage with a man who was demanding an heir.

Harlan Roupp, Milton’s only child, didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. Aided and abetted by his mother, Lorna, Harlan pursued a career as an archeologist. Milton disowned him. Cut him off without a dime.

At this point, Milton began to secretly fund a cloning study, hoping to at least clone himself to continue the Roupp name.

Lorna was able to secretly fund Harlan’s college and then later his dig sites. When Harlan’s son, Uriah, came of age, Milton offered to fund his education. Uriah accepted despite his father’s and grandmother’s warnings not to do so.

Milton contributed to many of the cultural centers around the town. It wasn’t for philanthropic reasons; his huge ego demanded that his name be visible in as many locations as possible.

Restless Shores opens with Milton letting his grandson, Uriah, know that the bill for his education has come due.

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