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Another writer in the mix

Bruce Fleming
Bruce Fleming

We are pleased to add Mr. Bruce Fleming to the amazing writing team of Drew Masse and Greg Tulonen.

Bruce’s familiarity with the Katahdin region of Maine influences his novella’s and novels, including the Milliken Mills series and novellas crafted around the Katahdin Mental Institute.  Bruce is a board of directors for Ktaadn Arts Educational Center in Millinocket, Maine.

We are looking forward to finding out what twists and turns Bruce will bring to the Roupp family in the continuing story of Restless Shores.

Chocolate that comes in small batches

Ship City Sweets takes the time to make sure their chocolate is the ultimate indulgence while listening to the intrigues of Restless Shores. Right now, you can grab that gourmet chocolate at 20% off by entering the code “Restless” when you order. The tenth person to order using “Restless” will win Ship City Sweets’ famous Milk Chocolate Lobster Dinner—a $34.95 value! Yep. A chocolate lover’s dream. One pound of solid premium milk chocolate lobster, white chocolate corn on the cob, white chocolate butter, candy lemons, and a “How to eat Maine Lobster” bib. Perfect.

Order your gourmet chocolate from Ship City Sweets, and remember to enter the code “Restless” for 20% off your order. If you’re lucky enough to be the tenth person to use “Restless,” you will be living in gourmet chocolate nirvana.  

Order your gourmet small-batch chocolate bliss today. You know you want to.

A Restless Shores Recovery

In April and May of 2020, our listenership took a dive. A big dive. We went from 3,276 downloads in January of 2020 to 1,477 in April and 1,498 in May. We were more than a bit concerned as that was a drop of 1,799. We struggled through the summer, limping along with alarming numbers, and faced some tough decisions about the podcast’s future.

In January of 2020, we were riding high. By April of 2020, we watched our growing momentum slide down the chute to oblivion. We felt like we were forced into a corner as the restrictions to production mounted.  Like so many entertainment venues, we switched from the energy of a full-cast recording together to actors recording separately from their home and the myriad technical and creative difficulties that imposed.

The Universe must love a good melodrama as well. Today, we’ve more than doubled that number as we are quickly approaching 54,000 total downloads. We’ve returned to having at least 100 downloads a day and nearly 1,000 in a week. We’re coming out swinging with plans to produce a multicast audiobook (Venus in a Bodice) this spring and begin production on another scripted melodrama podcast (Shamus) by fall.  

We’re glad we decided, despite circumstances out of our control, to do our best to keep Restless Shores going.  To paraphrase Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity, we aim to misbehave.

1,000 in 1 week

I know, I know. When you hit 50,000 that seems like the BIG number for a while. No need to go bragging on ourselves until we hit like 100,000, right?

Well, we hit 51,004 today. That’s 1,000 downloads in one week. That’s worth at least a teeny bit of bragging.

Brains and Brawn

Zach Hoogkamp, the actor who makes us all hate Milton Roupp, is more than a consummate voice actor. He is also a professional wrestler who uses the name Zach Burton when he is in the ring.

Zach is currently wrestling with Let’s Wrestle in Orono, Maine. If you can’t get enough wrestling, you can watch Zack on IWTV, which is now offering a free five-day trial when you use the word LIMITLESS.

When asked about his wrestling alter-ego, Zach tells us that he is one of those voices in the back of his head, and when you say the name Zach Burton three times, well, then The Show begins.

Should you become a fan of Zach’s professional wrestling persona, you can pick up some wrestling swag. If you have some questions, you can message him through his Facebook page.

You can check out some of Zach Burton’s matches here, here, here, and here.

Here at Restless Shores, we are enjoying having an actor who embodies both brains and brawn.

Above the fold

You may have seen the post from yesterday. We were wicked excited about having the story, “West Bath podcast ‘Restless Shores’ airs 100th episode, hits 46,000 listeners,” written by Kathleen O’Brien in the Times Record.

Ms. O’Brien captured the cast and crew’s cohesion that fans can’t see; the energy that does flow around this podcast, which fans only glimpse when they hear the performances. She also captured the heartbreak when, because of COVID, we had to tell everyone we were done and how the cast and crew rallied to save the show. Ms. O’Brien also talked about how even though we aren’t [yet] one of the big podcasters, Restless Shores is a uniquely creative force to keep an eye on as we move into the future. Ms. O’Brien does an excellent job, and we are very proud.

What we didn’t expect was to be on the front page above the fold.

Thank you, Kathleen.

One Voice

Restless Shores is but one voice in a very populated world. We understand that our ability to celebrate is muted by the current circumstances. We understand that boasting on many of the social media (and COVID safe) sights is considered unattractive. We understand that if we want to share our delight with as many people as possible (and get indexed by Google) this article needs to be a heck of a lot longer. That does not mean we aren’t rejoicing over our 100th episode. We most certainly are. WOO HOO!

Our biggest competitor? Washington DC!

No one can deny that Washington DC is the world leader in soap operas or at least consistently in the top five on any given day. How can a podcast soap opera from Maine compete with that? Restless Shores has most of the same stuff you find in everyday politics, just more fun, and each episode only lasts fifteen minutes instead of weeks.

  • We have influential people who want to stay in power. Don’t cross Ivan Bulgakov even if you’re related – ask Agnes Brody and Peter Bulgakov. We can’t let this topic pass without mentioning Milton Roupp, who went from the CEO of a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company to Governor without getting elected to the office. He even made Time Magazine’s Man of the Year while being held captive in a private hospital. How did that happen?
  • We have scandalous romantic entanglements. Rhonda with Milton or Rhonda with Milton’s clone, Miguel? Elise with Regina or Elise with Veronica?
  • We have birth control pills swapped out for placebos.
  • We have kidnappings and plastic surgery.
  • We have people who engage in corporate espionage and some who are professional thieves.
  • We have backroom negotiations and under the table deal-making.
  • We have blackmail and implied threats.
  • We have people using science to kill other people.
  • We have multiple clones of Milton Roupp – one is just as evil as the original. I hope that we don’t have evil clones of people in politics, but you never know, do you?
  • We have burning brothels and lying prostitutes.
  • We have a rowdy blue-collar bar and a restaurant that serves the best Kung Pao chicken around.
  • We even have psychics.

So, as you can see, Washington DC is our biggest competitor and gets better press. We know that we are entertaining, but who can compete with our national stage? We can promise all the campy fun of people engaging in scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time. Take a walk on Restless Shores. You know you want to.


For all our fans out there, you know that our writers are a couple of talented guys. Not only do they write deliciously twisted plots, but they act in Restless Shores episodes. You may have also figured out that Greg Tulonen, our lead writer, has a wicked sense of humor as he provides us with his hilarious “secrets.”

Greg Tulonen

What you may not know is that at least one of them sings. Check out the YouTube of a very young Drew Masse, you won’t be disappointed.

Drew Masse