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You go Brunswick, Maine!

Welcome to:

Brunswick, Maine

Saarbrücken, Germany; Qa’emshahr, Iran; Nairobi, Kenya; Tottenham, United Kingdom; Yucca, Arizona; Long Beach, California; Palmdale, California; Kennesaw, Georgia; Enfield, New Hampshire; Henderson, North Carolina; Bountiful, Utah; and Lake Stevens, Washington.

Movers and Shakers

Brunswick, Maine – 108

Austin, Texas – 82

Atlanta, Georgia – 42

Vanier, Canada – 29

Freeport, Maine – 20

Phippsburg, Maine – 18

Ceresco, Nebraska – 18

Lake Stevens, Washington – 18

Seoul, South Korea – 7

Blackheath, England – 7

Chicago, Illinois – 7

Getting it done two ways

Tonight, Restless Shores becomes more than an internet presence. We will be multiplatform as WCME (99.5 FM 900 AM) in Brunswick begins to broadcast episodes of our scripted podcast. It gives us the good kind of chills.

We took a quick look to see how many other podcasts have also picked up radio as an additional broadcasting platform and didn’t find any. While there may be some out there, this may be another first for New Meadows Media.

Now, you can follow what in the heck Uriah is doing, learn whether Rhonda will choose Milton over Miguel, find out who the father of Lorna’s son really is, or see if Regina can get Elise out of the bank vault.

Tune in tonight at 7:05 pm to WCME (99.5 FM 900 AM) in Brunswick, Maine or listen to the first episode of Restless Shores, “The Bill Comes Due,” anytime on your favorite podcast provider.

You know you want to.

Doing it five nights a week.

Starting on Monday, October 5 at 7:05pm tune into WCME (99.5 FM and 900 AM) for Restless Shores. The good folks at WCME are starting with Episode 1, “The Bill Comes Due” and broadcasting five nights a week. That will allow you guys who haven’t listened to Restless Shores to catch up with the series just by turning on the radio Monday through Friday!

Will this be too much goodness? Only time will tell.

And remember, whether you listen to Restless Shores on WCME or are a podcast purest, cast your write-in vote for Milton Roupp for President.

Welcome to

Ottawa, Canada; Greenford, England; Rancho Murieta, California; Redding, California; Suisun, California; Streamwood, Illinois; Vernon Hills, Illinois; Ottumwa, Iowa; Sioux City, Iowa; Walpole, Maine; South Gate, Maryland; Ashburnham, Massachusetts; Brownsville, New York; Grover Hill, Ohio; Saint George, Utah; and Onalaska, Wisconsin.


Columbus, Ohio – 80

Lebanon, New Hampshire – 73

Bangor, Maine – 38

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 36

Jeffersontown, Kentucky – 29

Freeport, Maine – 22

Atlanta, Georgia – 19

Brunswick, Maine – 17

Washington, Indiana – 14

Riverside, Ohio – 11

Alhambra, Arizona – 9

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – 9

Ceresco, Nebraska – 8

Chesapeake, Virginia – 8

Kathmandu, Moscow, Seymour and Jeffersontown

The newest country in our neighborhood is Nepal. We are pleased to see Moscow added to our list of cities. And with 187 downloads in Seymour, Connecticut and 138 in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, we know someone loves us out there.

Welcome to:

Ashfield, Australia; Glass House Mountains, Australia; Heidelberg, Germany; Dundalk, Ireland; Kathmandu, Nepal; Moscow, Russia; Velikiye Luki, Russia; Anyang-si, South Korea; Cankaya, Turkey; Stourbridge, United Kingdom; Hampton, United Kingdom; Wrexham, United Kingdom; Hanford, California; Madera, California; Granby, Colorado; Woodstock, Illinois; Washington, Indiana; Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland; Oakdale, Minnesota; Willow Springs, Missouri; Milan, New Hampshire; Windham, New York; Logan, Ohio; Riverside, Ohio; Solon, Ohio; La Vergne, Tennessee; Smyrna, Tennessee; Baytown, Texas; South Jordan, Utah; and Brodhead, Wisconsin.


Seymour, Connecticut – 187

Jeffersontown, Kentucky – 138

South Jordan, Utah – 91

Sanford, Maine – 41

Woodstock, Illinois – 30

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – 28

Portland, Maine – 24

Brunswick, Maine – 19

Shaw, District of Columbia – 13

Danbury, Connecticut – 12

Washington, Indiana – 12

Freeport, Maine – 12

Alabaster, Alabama – 11

Warren, Maine – 11

Manhattan, New York – 10

The Endangered Salamander

Our fans already know that the Endangered Salamander makes the best kung pao chicken in Gamote Point and may be in the entire world. If you don’t already know that, listen to more Restless Shores you naughty boy.

Praise for the Endangered Salamander

What the Endangered Salamander needs is a graphic t-shirt.

Pull out that pencil and get to work.

The winning design will receive an Endangered Salamander shirt and one of the white Restless Shores ball caps that are available only to cast members and competition winners.

Send your designs to with Endangered Salamander in the subject line before October 16, 2020.

Welcome to:

Welcome to:

Fort McMurray, Canada;  Heredia, Costa Rica;  Colón, Panama;  Eccles, England; Bellflower, California; El Dorado Hills, California; Santa Clarita, California; Grand Lake, Colorado; Martinez, Georgia; Sebago, Maine; Gravesend, New York; Deshler, Ohio; Providence, Rhode Island; Carrollton, Texas; Lockhart, Texas; Midlothian, Texas; Vancouver, Washington; and Cambridge, Wisconsin.


Brunswick, Maine— 20

Los Angeles, California— 19

South Portland Gardens, Maine— 19

Gravesend, New York— 18

Atlanta, Georgia— 17

Columbus, Ohio— 14

Grand Lake, Colorado— 11

Murfreesboro, Tennessee— 11

Qormi, Malta— 10

Lewiston, Maine— 10

Life is short; have some fun.

We find ourselves getting caught up in the old daily grind ourselves, even though what we make is 100% pure fun—kind of like not seeing the forest for all the trees in the way.

We want to send out a reminder (to ourselves as well) that having fun is a big part of everyone’s quality of life. Remember to dance like no one is watching, enjoy stillness when you find it, eat yummy things, and shamelessly listen to Restless Shores.

And then you can go back to whatever soulless grind you’re involved in with a repaired psyche.

You know you want to.