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Ray Routhier from the Portland Press Herald quotes Traci DeForge, a podcast consultant and strategist based in Florida regarding advertising on Restless Shores.

“Their download numbers show they have a sustainable record of loyal engagement. That’s a big benefit for advertisers. It is likely the only original soap opera being created and distributed as a podcast.” —Traci DeForge

Why should you advertise with Restless Shores?

We have 23,000 active listeners, that’s why.

  • Other advertising venues may claim more listeners, viewers, or readers, but is your advertisement actively seen and heard?
    • When your commercial comes on the television, do they sit and watch it or run to the kitchen or bathroom?
    • Is your radio commercial background noise?
    • Do they flip right past your ad to an article or crossword puzzle?
    • Do they suffer from listener fatigue and tone out your ad?

Restless Shores is only 15 minutes long and the people who are listening want to hear it. They are active listeners.

The ad is in a quality advertising venue, that’s why.

  • If you had purchased an ad for the first episode in January of 2019 at fifteen dollars, 1330 active listeners would have heard it.
    • Doesn’t sound as good as the hundreds of thousands of viewers, readers or listeners other platforms claim does it?
    • Those are 1330 active listeners. They heard your ad because they wanted to listen.

While it is true that our advertising rates will increase, you can still put your ad on that first episode that is still being downloaded by fans more than a year after it was first broadcast.

We’re local, nationwide and international, that’s why.

  • Restless Shores has active listeners in over 135 Maine towns for local coverage, over 577 United States cities from coast to coast for those of you seeking a national audience, and over 700 cities in countries from Ireland to Fiji for you who are ready to move internationally. All from a single platform. Those statistics are growing every day at 110 downloads a day.
  • To get that level of coverage you would need to spend a ton of money on an international advertising campaign.

Right now, you can access that advertising platform for under $400.00. The growing popularity of Restless Shores means it won’t stay at that rate for long.

This new advertising platform is gaining ground quickly, that’s why.

  • Increasing numbers around the world are going to podcasts for news, education and entertainment.
  • A podcast’s flexibility allows you to place ads in the most popular episodes.
  • Podcasts are followed by every demographic; Restless Shores is no exception.

I get it. You may not be familiar with podcasts as an advertising venue. Conventional wisdom told us that a podcast soap opera wouldn’t be that popular. A year after launch, Restless Shores is kicking podcast butt.

Your ad could be riding Restless Shores’ wave.

Let’s talk.

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