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Our active listeners are your potential customers

Ray Routhier from the Portland Press Herald quotes Traci DeForge, a podcast consultant and strategist based in Florida regarding advertising on Restless Shores.

“Their download numbers show they have a sustainable record of loyal engagement. That’s a big benefit for advertisers. It is likely the only original soap opera being created and distributed as a podcast.” —Traci DeForge

Why should you advertise with a podcast soap opera?

  1. Restless Shores is providing a proven marketing vehicle, reimagined for the digital age, with guaranteed active listeners.
  2. A year and a half after launch, Restless Shores has 28,300 folks who have listened to us. These are all people who made a choice to listen. They are 28,300 active listeners.
  3. We are providing episodes that are only 15 minutes long; that means no listener fatigue. So when your commercial airs, your potential consumers will still be actively listening.
  4. Soap operas are popular and have always pulled fans in. Our fans will hear your ad.
  5. Your advertisement continues with the episode it is placed in until you tell us to take it off.
  6. Our fans won’t be leaving during your commercial break to grab a snack from the kitchen, have the radio program on for background noise, or ignore your ad to read the article in the back section of the newspaper. These folks will be actively listening.

I get it. You may not be familiar with podcasts as an advertising venue. Conventional wisdom told us that a podcast soap opera wouldn’t fly. A 18 months after launch, Restless Shores is kicking podcast butt.

Your ad could be riding Restless Shores’ wave.

15 Second Advertisement

A 15 second advertisement to run in the beginning of the episode or before the credits at the end.


30 Second Advertisement

A 30 second advertisement to run at the beginning of the episode or at the end before the credits.


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