Greg Tulonen, Our Lead Writer

Greg Tulonen (Sun Journal photo by Kathryn Skelton)

Award-winning scriptwriter, Greg Tulonen, brings an incredible wealth of experience with audio theater. Tulonen was the lead writer on the acclaimed video web series Ragged Isle. Additional scriptwriting credits include The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones, On a Country Road, Sui Generis, as well as the non-fiction webcomic Actual Conversations With My Sons and the upcoming webcomic Night Is Falling.

Thom Hinton, Our Director

Director Thom

Thom Hinton somehow managed to squeeze in theater and performance work between being a Navy Chief, Systems Administrator for Midcoast Hospital,  professional baseball scorer with the Eastern League of Professional Baseball Clubs and father/husband duties before becoming the director of a ground-breaking podcast.  Ask him about his Chief’s Initiation skit. 


Stan Allen, the Voice of Restless Shores

FB_IMG_1526031029796 (002).jpg

We are pleased to have Stan “the voice man” Allen’s rich warm voice as our announcer for Restless Shores. A veteran of movie, radio and audiobook production, Allen’s voice provides a solid anchor when treading restless shores. In addition you can hear Stan in the role of Running Wolf.




Zach Hoogkamp

Zach Hoogkamp.jpg


Milton Roupp

Jimmy Devers




Sally Kent

Before Restless Shores, Sally’s full-time job was a professional golf yeller. You might be familiar with her catchphrase, “Get it in the hole!” Sally really put golf yelling on the map! Currently she is studying to become a laugh model and plans are to publish a calendar. In her spare time, she crochets tractor cozies.

Lorna Roupp

Barbara Ross



Nathan Austin


Uriah Roupp

Stan Bindle



Denise Shannon

Denise Shannon cropped.jpg

Denise was a former CIA agent who worked on international projects under the name ‘Siri’ until her voice became too recognizable.
Now that she is retired, she operates a small coffee shop which is frequented by former agents— and no, you can’t know the location, because if she told you, she would have to kill you. Sorry, she doesn’t make the rules. 

Rhonda Weppler

Paula Callow

Aaron Sanchez


Miguel Rios




Emily Grotz

EG Headshot cropped.jpg


Elise Geltz





Shirley Savage

Shirley-S-Savage-4242-Web (002)


Regina Miranda





Josh Flanagan

Josh Flanagan cropped.jpg


Larry Donavan

Leon Renard

Buddy Price



Katrina Loef

Katrina Loef is an actor and writer living in Portland, Maine. She is active in both film and theater. Her work includes film roles in The Witch Files and Night of the Living Deb. In theater multiple roles in both the Vagina Monologues and Who Will Cry for the Cockroach? as well as an original written piece produced for the King of Crows V short play festival.
This is her first experience with voice only and she greatly enjoys working on Restless Shores where she loves the challenge of playing multiple characters.

Agnes Brody 


June Schaeffer



Mike Rowe

Dr. Magnus Carlisle 


Kyle Nannen

John Carlisle


Rebecca Chase


Vicki Kousins

Beth Lindell

Anton Antolinski

Anton Antolinski has multiple personas. When he is a Russian actor or singer he is Anton Antolinski. When he is a conductor of choirs or orchestras he is Anthony Antolini, a semi-retired professor at Bowdoin College. He lives in Cushing, Maine, and spends a great deal of time trying to combat invasive plants on his property. 

Ivan Bulgakov

Greg Hawk

Harlan Roupp

Elizabeth Rowe

Margo Roupp

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