Ongoing openings.

Because we are a soap opera, Restless Shores has an ongoing need for voice actors and eventually more scriptwriters. Are you interested?

People can’t get enough melodrama.

Worried that your writing or acting friends might look at you askance when you tell them you are working on a soap opera?

You could use a pen name, a stage name, and use a fake photo, or tell them you are crafting an audio theater drama — that sounds fancy.

Or you could embrace the genre, break out of the box of what is acceptable, and have fun.

Think about it.

  • Unrestrained storylines
  • Implausible characters
  • Ridiculous events
  • Excessive emotional reactions
  • Unreasonable responses to circumstances

Take the plunge into the fun end of the acting and writing pool, and let the melodrama flow.   Contact us with your script submission or audio clip.

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