Lorna Roupp

Lorna was one of society’s most appealing debutantes. Physically attractive without being stunningly beautiful, she appealed to not only the eligible bachelors of the day but to their mothers as well because of her wealth and family connections. It was the brash and rough around the edges Milton Roupp that won her hand. She found his differences from the men in her social circle to be attractive. His lack of social standing removed him from candidacy for their daughter’s hand which in turn fueled Lorna’s desire even more. Milton convinced Lorna to marry him at City Hall in a quiet ceremony witnessed by clerks and people paying their parking fines.

The newspapers couldn’t get enough of the whirlwind fairytale quality of the “across the tracks” romance. Lorna’s parents were forced to acknowledge their new son-in-law. It took just a few months for Lorna to realize that she had entered a loveless marriage with a megalomaniac. Intimacy was anything but and Lorna begin to dread hearing his footsteps coming down the hall. About eight months into the marriage, she also began to have a very discrete and secret long-term affair that produced Harlan. Once she conceived, Milton believing the child was his, stopped having sex with her and barely acknowledged her existence.

Despite Lorna’s demure outward appearance, however, she was not the clueless fool that Milton thought she was. Lorna established a secret life of her own. She very publicly purchased a small cosmetic company which, with the help of her parents, she used to hide a complex series of shell companies.

This way, without Milton being aware, she began to establish her own wealth and power network. Overtime she began to be a thorn in Milton’s side both anonymously through her secret companies and in person.

When her son Harlan left, she was devastated and tried to set up a college fund for him that Milton quickly squashed. After that, Lorna very carefully funneled enough money to fund Harlan’s education and later, various dig sites to help him get by without attracting Milton’s attention.

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