Miguel Rios

Miguel is a newcomer to Gamote Point. He is the son of a Guatemalan girl brought across the southwestern border and sold as a sex slave. Pregnant, she escaped to the sanctuary of an Indian Nation. She stayed on the Reservation and gave birth to Miguel.

She was never able to tell Miguel who his father was because all she remembers is there were several girls, lots of doctors but no sexual contact.

Mysterious with an air of danger about him, Miguel is nonetheless charming and very attractive. He told his mother and stepfather that he wanted to look at the rest of the world and decided to start with the ocean.

He got a job as a bartender at Distractions in Gamote Point to earn some money before moving on to the next place. He holds on to the cryptic hospital identification wrist band that his mother was wearing when she escaped the facility she was being held in. It is the only connection he has to his unknown biological father.

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