Milton Roupp

Milton is the head of Roupp Pharmaceuticals. Milton’s grandfather was a snake oil salesman in the Southwest. His grandfather managed to put his father through school to be a pharmacist and he developed a more effective method to process penicillin. The money he made from his patent allowed him to start Roupp Pharmaceuticals. Milton built the company from the obscure start his father had made into one that is respected in the pharmaceutical community. Milton is a power player. He is not above corporate espionage, cutthroat business dealings, underhanded manipulation, using people, and bullying to get what he wants.

Milton does have one weakness however. Milton is obsessed with passing the business onto a blood heir. In fact, there are only two reasons he married his wife Lorna; to bear him an heir and tap into her family’s social status. In a calculated move to distance himself from his ancestor’s sketchy profession, Milton married Lorna. When Lorna finally conceived and gave birth to a son, Milton no longer needed Lorna. He remained married to her in name only from that point forward, moved to a penthouse suite. He rarely had any contact with her or his son Harlan until Harlan reached sixteen years old. Unfortunately, his explosive temper and need to control created a rift between his son Harlan and himself.

Against his father’s wishes, Harlan chose to follow a career as an archaeologist. In his anger, Milton cut Harlan off completely and blamed Lorna for the failure. Harlan left home, put himself through college with secret help from his mother, and became respected in his chosen field. Milton and Harlan never talked again. Desperate for an heir and disappointed in what he saw as his son’s weakness, Milton investigated having himself cloned, but was unable to succeed. When Harlan’s son, Uriah came of age, Milton turned his attention to his grandson.

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