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"Scandal, Intrigue, And Salaciousness": Acting In A Podcast Soap Opera At Bowdoin

Rhonda Weppler is "a smart, sexy, and calculating woman who knows how to get what she wants." Ivan Bulgakov is a Russian mobster.

Bowdoin College Magazine

Tony Antolini, director of the Bowdoin chorus, is one of the stars of the campy retro soap opera, Restless Shores.

West Bath podcast airs 100th episode, hits 46,000 listeners

“Now, 46,000 people in over 70 countries have listened to this podcast and it freaks me out to think of all the people I’ve reached with this soap opera," said Marsha Hinton of West Bath, creator of "Restless Shores." By Kathleen O'Brien

From a living room in West Bath, a soap opera unfolds for download

Produced by local actors and downloaded worldwide, 'Restless Shores' might be the only podcast of its kind. BY RAY ROUTHIER STAFF WRITER Posted December 22, 2019

Auburn man head writer on new, campy radio soap opera 'Restless Shores'

By Kathryn Skelton Sun Journal Posted January 29, 2019

From a West Bath living room to your headphones, actors unravel the mysteries of 'Restless Shores'

By Nathan Strout
Times Record, Posted February 12, 2019 Updated November 11, 2019

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