The Voice Man

As you know, Stan Allen’s voice expertly guides the listener through the twists and turns of Restless Shores. We are lucky to have a voice over artist of his caliber. Check out his demos at his website and his narration of Zombie Moose of West Bath Maine.  

What does the director of Restless Shores do to relax?

Scores a baseball game, that’s what.

Sitting in the Big Chair

As an official scorer for the Eastern League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Thom Hinton keeps score for the Portland (Maine) Sea Dogs. If you are in the area, take in a game at Hadlock Field and look for multitalented guy in the press booth.

And yeah, that picture is of Thom keeping score in Press Row at Fenway.

And the beat goes on

It might be within the realm of possibility for us to say, “we really hate to keep beating this drum,” but we don’t feel that way.

We have several blogs posts on the Restless Shores website that mention the many, many people that have naysaid or minimized our project. It was not fun to have to sit and listen to someone looking over the top of their glasses at us and tell us it won’t work. No matter how nicely they said it, it still stung. Even worse than bruised feelings, we would doubt our faith in the success of Restless Shores.

We did believe in this project. It wasn’t just a gut feeling. There is data out there. Once again someone else used the same data we used. Writing for the March 2019 edition of the Smithsonian Magazine, Lorraine Ali penned “Plot Twist! The much-maligned soap opera has been resurrected as prestige TV.” Ms. Ali also pointed out the huge social impact soap operas have had on not just our culture, but cultures across the world. She also pointed out that the lady credited with the creation of the daytime televised soap opera, Irna Phillips, was encouraged by input from critics like, “Last week television caught the dread disease of radio – soapoperitis,” and “of no visual interest.”

Kind of sounds like the stuff we were hearing. “No one listens to them,” “the people who watch televised melodramas aren’t interested in podcasts,” “Millennials don’t know what soap operas are,” “no one else is doing this” and “podcast aren’t really an entertainment venue.”

We invested our own funds into the project, because the small business loan money guys didn’t think a podcast soap opera was worth funding. We’re glad we had the imagination to move forward, even though so many others don’t think it’s a thing.

Take the time for something fun

Ashley Graber, M.A. LMFT interviewed Ali Boone, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and wrote an article on March 28, 2019, entitled “Slow Down To Do More: ‘Why Watching A Soap Opera Can Start Your Day Off Right.’

The take of the article was that we are all so pressured and rushed; our lives so connected to social media, cell phones, and technology that an attention deficit issue with nearly everyone is becoming the norm; and we tend to work harder and not smarter to get more done which creates stress. We all know how healthy stress is for us.

Ms. Boone lists six strategies to help us slow down to do more. One of those strategies is to enjoy a soap opera to help us relax.

We couldn’t agree more.

People tend to cut doing entertaining things from their schedules because it is seen as frivolous and wasteful. Take a few minutes to relax and listen to Restless Shores before you dive into that big project. You’ll be glad you did.

We know not everyone will agree with us. In fact, I can hear my grandmother going on about idle hands now.   

Five things you didn’t know about Uriah Roupp

While in college Uriah became the ultimate frat boy. He endeared himself to his fraternity brothers by writing papers for them.

Uriah has a tattoo.

Unlike all the Roupps before him, Uriah is not an only child. He is one of three children. Unlike his father Milton, Harlan wanted a large family but was limited by financial capacity.

Uriah speaks several languages.

Despite his mother’s best efforts, as well as his exposure to academia and scholarly research, Uriah became spoiled by living a carefree lifestyle on Milton’s money, and he developed an entitled attitude while in college.

This is one we would like to watch

On April 4 The Good Night Theatre Collective in Sioux Fall, South Dakota will be presenting the world premiere of “Daytime: A Soap Opera Musical.” This play is billed as a comedic depiction of behind the scenes of a 1980s soap. Since we are kind of familiar with soap opera startup and production, and if we were anywhere close to Sioux Falls, we’d be there.

This one sounds like a hoot.

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Who is Vicki Kousins?

Don’t know who she is? Join the crowd.

Seems there is a new player in Gamote Point. All we know is that Vicki (if that is his or her real name) is tweeting about things going on in Gamote Point and from time to time the things the Roupps are up to.

Just who is Vicki and how does she find out so much stuff? We haven’t figured it out yet.

You can follow Vicki at GamoteWatch.

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Someone finally gets it!

The article entitled “Decline of soap operas: Was OJ Simpson to blame?” by Sarah Shaath for BBC News, Washington, immediately caught our attention here at New Meadows Media.

Ms. Shaath begins her article with the statement that in 1969 there were 18 televised daytime soap operas and now there are only four. She continues to mention that the fans love the cliffhangers, the intrigue, and the ability to delve intimately into the personal lives of the characters. Add into that the ongoing storytelling nature of a soap opera, and you have a winner.

Duh. Ms. Shaath researched the abundant data available on soap operas and came up with the same conclusion that we did. We highlighted the same data in our business plan.

People like soap operas. Dress up the name whichever way you want, melodrama, serial drama, or podcast theater. Here at New Meadows Media, we’re going to call it what it is – a soap opera.

Thank you, Ms. Shaath. We feel somewhat vindicated.

Five things you didn’t know about Buddy Price

Buddy was a high school athletic super star and self-styled ladies’ man. He had a full ride athletic scholarship to an in-state college, but a drunk driving accident (he was the drunk driver and he ran the car up a telephone pole) ended his college and athletic career.

Buddy’s real name is Hershel.

When Rhonda saw the Adonis like Buddy (who was fresh out of high school) working on the dock at Roupp, she seduced him (not difficult to do with Buddy.) She quickly found out that under that beautiful exterior, was a lot of tedious ego. She wrote it off as a less than satisfying one-night stand.

As soon as Buddy was legally allowed to, he started hitting the bars, but either found the bar too expensive or felt unwelcome at all of them except for Distractions.

Buddy still lives in his parent’s garage apartment, has his mom do his laundry, and doesn’t pay rent.

Rhonda’s Day Off

As a thank you for pushing us over the 1,000 download mark, until March 20, we will offer the script for the episode that will drop on March 22, Rhonda’s Day Off, for a $5.00 donation to Patreon. Typically, we would be asking $50.00 for this sneak preview, but we are celebrating this milestone that you made happen.

Find out how Rhonda spends her time when not at work and whether Elise will make it to Distractions before the episode drops.