This is one we would like to watch

On April 4 The Good Night Theatre Collective in Sioux Fall, South Dakota will be presenting the world premiere of “Daytime: A Soap Opera Musical.” This play is billed as a comedic depiction of behind the scenes of a 1980s soap. Since we are kind of familiar with soap opera startup and production, and if we were anywhere close to Sioux Falls, we’d be there.

This one sounds like a hoot.

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Who is Vicki Kousins?

Don’t know who she is? Join the crowd.

Seems there is a new player in Gamote Point. All we know is that Vicki (if that is his or her real name) is tweeting about things going on in Gamote Point and from time to time the things the Roupps are up to.

Just who is Vicki and how does she find out so much stuff? We haven’t figured it out yet.

You can follow Vicki at GamoteWatch.

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Someone finally gets it!

The article entitled “Decline of soap operas: Was OJ Simpson to blame?” by Sarah Shaath for BBC News, Washington, immediately caught our attention here at New Meadows Media.

Ms. Shaath begins her article with the statement that in 1969 there were 18 televised daytime soap operas and now there are only four. She continues to mention that the fans love the cliffhangers, the intrigue, and the ability to delve intimately into the personal lives of the characters. Add into that the ongoing storytelling nature of a soap opera, and you have a winner.

Duh. Ms. Shaath researched the abundant data available on soap operas and came up with the same conclusion that we did. We highlighted the same data in our business plan.

People like soap operas. Dress up the name whichever way you want, melodrama, serial drama, or podcast theater. Here at New Meadows Media, we’re going to call it what it is – a soap opera.

Thank you, Ms. Shaath. We feel somewhat vindicated.

Five things you didn’t know about Buddy Price

Buddy was a high school athletic super star and self-styled ladies’ man. He had a full ride athletic scholarship to an in-state college, but a drunk driving accident (he was the drunk driver and he ran the car up a telephone pole) ended his college and athletic career.

Buddy’s real name is Hershel.

When Rhonda saw the Adonis like Buddy (who was fresh out of high school) working on the dock at Roupp, she seduced him (not difficult to do with Buddy.) She quickly found out that under that beautiful exterior, was a lot of tedious ego. She wrote it off as a less than satisfying one-night stand.

As soon as Buddy was legally allowed to, he started hitting the bars, but either found the bar too expensive or felt unwelcome at all of them except for Distractions.

Buddy still lives in his parent’s garage apartment, has his mom do his laundry, and doesn’t pay rent.

Rhonda’s Day Off

As a thank you for pushing us over the 1,000 download mark, until March 20, we will offer the script for the episode that will drop on March 22, Rhonda’s Day Off, for a $5.00 donation to Patreon. Typically, we would be asking $50.00 for this sneak preview, but we are celebrating this milestone that you made happen.

Find out how Rhonda spends her time when not at work and whether Elise will make it to Distractions before the episode drops.

1004 and counting

The first goal we had for Restless Shores has been reached.

Early this morning we surpassed 1,000 downloads.

We have been downloaded in eight countries including Canada, Spain, Ireland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France.

We now have fans in 133 cities including Richmond, British Columbia; Chelsea, England; Villemomble, Ale-de-France; Montreal, Quebec; Santa Monica, California; Houston, Texas; Orlando, Florida; and New York, New York.

All in seven weeks.

Thank you.

I told you so…

Greg Tulonen, Restless Shores’ head writer, has created a new major character. We don’t even know where Greg’s genius is going to take this new storyline, but it sounds like fun.

So here comes the “I told you so.”

We will need to fill this ongoing role no later than April with a male voice with the ability to perform with a Russian accent. Pay is $25.00 for each episode you will appear in, $10.00 for each recording session you are scheduled for.

Want to be a part of a groundbreaking and increasingly popular podcast? Contact us at

Thank you for your support

We have some wicked awesome fans. Thank you so much for letting us know how much you enjoy Restless Shores. We know that you have been asking for more than one episode a week. That is why we have joined Patreon.

We have funding to cover an episode a week. Any increase in that will add up in costs to pay the actors, writers, and cover business expenses. Frankly, that is money we don’t have.

Patreon is a crowdsourcing platform for creative people and patrons who understand creatives. If you like Restless Shores (and want more episodes), please go to Patreon and donate.

Thank you again for all the support. You are making us a success, and we won’t forget that you are making all that possible.

Stay restless.

We could not be more proud

When we sent out the casting call for voice actors several months ago, we didn’t know if anyone would respond. We had nearly 100 applicants. From that number, the director selected 11 as the core characters on Restless Shores.

It is difficult to describe the solidarity that this cast established almost immediately – they just clicked right from the beginning. They come in ready to perform and do yeomen’s work. As a result, their talents and the scripts by Greg Tulonen, have garnered 12 reviews on iTunes, 467 downloads, and now two newspaper articles in less than a month.

We were delighted to see the Restless Shores thespian troupe get recognized publicly. Many thanks to Nathan Strout at the Times Record for the nod to these artists.