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Fort McMurray, Canada;  Heredia, Costa Rica;  Colón, Panama;  Eccles, England; Bellflower, California; El Dorado Hills, California; Santa Clarita, California; Grand Lake, Colorado; Martinez, Georgia; Sebago, Maine; Gravesend, New York; Deshler, Ohio; Providence, Rhode Island; Carrollton, Texas; Lockhart, Texas; Midlothian, Texas; Vancouver, Washington; and Cambridge, Wisconsin.


Brunswick, Maine— 20

Los Angeles, California— 19

South Portland Gardens, Maine— 19

Gravesend, New York— 18

Atlanta, Georgia— 17

Columbus, Ohio— 14

Grand Lake, Colorado— 11

Murfreesboro, Tennessee— 11

Qormi, Malta— 10

Lewiston, Maine— 10

Life is short; have some fun.

We find ourselves getting caught up in the old daily grind ourselves, even though what we make is 100% pure fun—kind of like not seeing the forest for all the trees in the way.

We want to send out a reminder (to ourselves as well) that having fun is a big part of everyone’s quality of life. Remember to dance like no one is watching, enjoy stillness when you find it, eat yummy things, and shamelessly listen to Restless Shores.

And then you can go back to whatever soulless grind you’re involved in with a repaired psyche.

You know you want to.

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São José dos Campos, Brazil; San Vicente de Moravia, Costa Rica; Reyhanlı, Turkey; Coventry, England; Staffordshire, England; Alabaster, Alabama; Brewton, Alabama; Prescott, Arizona; Brawley, California; Carlsbad, California; Americus, Georgia; Wheaton, Maryland; Ashland, Massachusetts; Franklin, Massachusetts; Revere, Massachusetts; Calhoun, Missouri; Ceresco, Nebraska; Fremont, Nebraska; Secaucus, New Jersey; Canarsie, New York; Lindenhurst, New York; Lockport, New York; Potsdam, New York; Gresham, Oregon; Happy Valley, Oregon; Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; Mount Enterprise, Texas; and Roanoke, Virginia.


Spokane, Washington – 82

Cumberland, Maine – 51

Brunswick, Maine – 48

Legaspi, Bicol, Philippines – 40

Americus, Georgia – 31

Canarsie, New York – 31

Warren, Maine – 25

Chicago, Illinois – 15

Puyallup, Washington – 15

Alabaster, Alabama – 14

Qormi, Qormi, Malta – 13

West Scarborough, Maine – 13

Kearney, Nebraska – 13

Fremont, Nebraska – 10

Tinton Falls, New Jersey – 10

Shelburne, Vermont – 10

Must Be the Coronal Mass Ejection

We were pleasantly pleased to find we had a significant bump in downloads especially on a day we don’t usually see high download numbers. We couldn’t think of anything that might cause that, so we went looking. We didn’t find anything recent, but we did find some stuff. When Maine Public listed us on their Short List under Speculative Fiction, we were very happy campers. Turns out we have a few more mentions that we somehow missed.

Julie Scala was mentioned in a Listen Rinse Repeat post discussing “Geographically Impaired” written by Sebastian Michaels. Scott Wachter and Julie performed the piece. Julie was listed as “of Restless Shores.”

Restless Shores’ Times Record Article was listed in podToPod’s Podcast Industry News under their “That’s Interesting” category.

We have fans! We were recommended in a Reddit thread.

OwlTail is a platform that curates podcasts and make recommendations to listeners. They list Restless Shores.

It was gratifying to find all these mentions, but we still don’t know why we got the bump. We figure it was the recent coronal mass ejection. The bump could not have been caused by the great writing, the awesome acting and direction, or the quality of the sound engineering. Yep. It was the solar flare.

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Liverpool, Australia; Selkirk, Canada; Viernheim, Germany; Banskot, India; Tonekābon, Iran; Ramadi, Iraq; Legaspi, Philippines; Bridlington, England; Brighton, England; Romford, England; Solihull, England; Dunfermline, Scotland; Pacifica, California; San Bernardino, California; Hialeah Gardens, Florida; Parkland, Florida; Albany, Georgia; Smyrna, Georgia; Rockford, Illinois; Canaan, Maine; Sparks, Nevada; Bedford, New Hampshire; Clifton, New Jersey; South Orange, New Jersey; Forest Park, Ohio; Sylvania, Ohio; Hilton Head, South Carolina; Mount Pleasant, South Carolina; Dundas, Virginia; and Bellevue, Wisconsin.


New York City, New York – 80

Los Angeles, California  – 79

Lewiston, Maine – 48

Qormi, Qormi, Malta – 33

São Paulo, Brazil – 31

Dundas, Virginia – 24

Denver, Colorado – 22

Lincoln, Nebraska – 21

Brunswick, Maine – 18

Chesapeake, Virginia – 15

Parkland, Florida – 14

Konya, Konya, Turkey – 12

South Portland Gardens – Maine 12

Augusta, Maine – 11

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – 8

COVID Recovery Restless Shores Style

Back in January of 2019 we launched Restless Shores with 221 downloads for that month. In August of 2019 we started a climb that peaked in January of 2020 with 3,276. Then COVID hit. In April we hit bottom at 1,477 downloads. Today we hit 3,300 downloads and we still have one drop and four days to go. We are back to a little over 100 downloads a day. An ocean sized thank you to our fans for getting us through the dark days.

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Balmain, Australia; Barra Dos Coqueiros, Brazil; Bezons, France; Gzira, Malta; Qormi, Malta; Boverfjorden, Norway; Sexmoan, Philippines; Fairfield, California; Miranda, California; San Mateo, California; Santa Rosa, California; Plainville, Connecticut; Oak Park, Illinois; Peoria, Illinois; Lawrence, Kansas; Yarmouth, Maine; Fall River, Massachusetts; Holt, Michigan; Norton Shores, Michigan; Three Rivers, Michigan; Weeping Water, Nebraska; Gorham, New Hampshire; Ballston Spa, New York; Mentor, Ohio; Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Herndon, Virginia; and Washington, Washington.

Movers and Shakers

Jeffersontown, Kentucky — 81

Columbus, Ohio — 53

Seattle, Washington — 42

Holt, Michigan — 40

Appleton, Wisconsin — 40

Howard, Wisconsin — 39

Ansonia, Connecticut — 30

Brunswick, Maine — 29

Qormi, Malta — 21

Riverside, California — 20

Hastings, Australia — 16

Warts and all

We recently took the opportunity to binge listen to our Restless Shores episodes. Not being ashamed at tooting our own horn, we couldn’t be prouder.

However, the question did arise, “Should we re-record those first few episodes?”

We can hear the improvement between those first three or four episodes and the tracks we just laid down. We are not disparaging those initial efforts. We are tickled pink with them. We were new to podcasting, the actors were feeling out their roles, and writing a long-term saga (even if it is campy) is not easy. Our footing was not certain in those early days. So, yea, those initial offerings are not as polished as what we are producing now.

Should they be redone for quality purposes?

The answer is no.

We made podcast history with Restless Shores. To redo those first episodes would be akin to rewriting the past. We believe our episodes should remain as they are, warts and all. When people go back and analyze why we are popular, they will see that we didn’t have to be perfectly polished to be successful.

We kind of like that.

Welcome to:

San Francisco, Costa Rica; Pishva, Iran; Roosendaal, Netherlands; Sale, England; Albertville, Alabama; Naugatuck, Connecticut; East Moline, Illinois; Marengo, Iowa; North English, Iowa; Richmond, Kentucky; Mariaville, Maine; Wareham, Massachusetts; Howell, Michigan; Ypsilanti, Michigan; Brooklyn Center, Minnesota; Columbia, Missouri; Farmington, New Mexico; Port Richmond, New York; Claremore, Oklahoma; McAlester, Oklahoma; Pawhuska, Oklahoma; Easton, Pennsylvania; Cranston, Rhode Island; Silver Point, Tennessee; Eagle Pass, Texas; and Lipan, Texas.


Clichy, France – 78

Farmington, New Mexico – 77

Brunswick, Maine – 60

Columbia, Missouri – 40

Clayton, Missouri – 36

Hastings, Australia – 22

Dallas, Texas – 22

Kaysville, Utah – 22

Konya, Turkey – 21

Newark, California – 20

Lewiston, Maine – 19

Springfield, Missouri – 16

Chesapeake, Virginia – 6

Ellsworth, Maine – 14

Nobleboro, Maine – 13

Seattle, Washington – 13

Shaw, District of Columbia – 12

Los Angeles, California – 11

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – 11

Newark, New Jersey – 10

Say hello to Drew

We are proud and excited to announce that Drew Masse has joined our cast and crew as both a writer and actor. Drew is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine in Theatre. You should check out Drew’s Instagram page for more information on his skill set.

Drew found us when he was looking for more information on soap operas. He was surprised to find an original soap opera produced right here in Maine using Maine talent.  Falling in love with the storyline, he reached out to us, and I’m confident our fans will be the richer for it.

Drew will be working with our lead writer, Greg Tulonen, to bring us even more surprising twists and turns as the waves keep on rolling at Restless Shores. Scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time.