Gamote Point Recovery

On May 4, we had 24,000 downloads.

It wasn’t easy when we stopped recording so that we could do our part to stop COVID-19. We took a hit in listenership because we were no longer dropping episodes every week. We could no longer boast 100 downloads a day. Our listener line graph started dropping in March. We were concerned about our future, but we kept moving forward.

We started recording episodes piecemeal in mid-May. We only allowed a couple of actors in the studio at a time, scheduled recording sessions to allow for us to clean the equipment and doorknobs, and accepted home recordings from actors who were not ready to reenter the studio. We were able to drop episodes every week again, thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of our sound engineer.

Our line graph is looking good again.

Today, June 27, at 9:46 pm, we crossed 28,000 downloads.

Things will only get better, unless you live in Gamote Point. Things are not getting better there. We’ve read the scripts.

As we get back to the new normal after COVID-19, we still are telling a story of scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness fifteen minutes at a time.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.


Welcome to the new towns in our international neighborhood.

Balwyn North, Australia; St Albans, Australia; Gurgaon, India; Rishon LeZion, Israel; Dordrecht, Netherlands; Dunfermline, Scotland; Aurora, Colorado; Cortez, Colorado; High Springs, Florida; Lake City, Florida; Jesup, Georgia; Chariton, Iowa; Manchester, Iowa; Sigourney, Iowa; Peabody, Massachusetts; Eden Prairie, Minnesota; Moorhead, Minnesota; Kearney, Nebraska; Berlin, New Hampshire; Sicklerville, New Jersey; Kinta, Oklahoma; Altamont, Oregon; Bradley, South Carolina; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Simpsonville, South Carolina; Maryville, Tennessee; Cypress, Texas; Cave Spring, Virginia; Arlington, Washington; Frederickson, Washington; and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.


Orlando, Florida at 36

Moorhead, Minnesota at 34

Brisbane, Australia at 30

Chicago, Illinois at 28

Portland, Oregon at 21

Dordrecht, Netherlands at 19

Brunswick, Maine at 17

Berlin, New Hampshire at 16

Westerville, Ohio at 13

Liverpool, England at 12

Surprise! New Phone Number

Due to a series of unfortunate events spanning 72 hours, nine phone calls to our carrier, and disrupted/wicked slow internet service, New Meadows Media is the proud owner of a new phone number. Not my choice, but here we are.

(207) 389-6154

Enough said.

Hello Romania!

Welcome to our newest neighbors.

Ryde, Australia; Unrecognized location in Finland; Vaterstetten, Germany; Domnești, Romania; Sutton Coldfield, England; Indio, California; Hilliard, Florida; Hoffman Estates, Illinois; Shelbyville, Indiana; London, Kentucky; Greenville, Maine; New Vineyard, Maine; Plymouth, Minnesota; Freeman, Missouri; Morris Heights, New York; Monroe, North Carolina; Erie, Pennsylvania; Blacksburg, Virginia; Louisa, Virginia; and Viroqua, Wisconsin.   

Welcome to our new neighbors.

The week we have the most new cities since January 9 of this year. Thank you to all of our new listeners!

Wollongong, Australia; Mechelen, Belgium; Alem Paraiba, Brazil; Chapel Allerton, United Kingdom; El Dorado, Arkansas; Belmont, California; Golden, Colorado; Littleton, Colorado; Tamarac, Florida; Bellwood, Illinois; Franklin Park, Illinois; Cascade, Iowa; Somerset, Kentucky; Estelle, Louisiana; Gretna, Louisiana; Natchitoches, Louisiana; Corinna, Maine; Harrington, Maine; Newburyport, Massachusetts; Portage, Michigan; Springfield, New Hampshire; Greenwich, New York; Ashland, Ohio; Rose, Oklahoma; Tahlequah, Oklahoma; Hanover, Pennsylvania; Loudon, Tennessee; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Amarillo, Texas; Pecan Grove, Texas; Pflugerville, Texas; Clearfield, Utah; South Woodstock, Vermont; Stowe, Vermont; South Hill, Washington; Kaukauna, Wisconsin; and Middleton, Wisconsin.   


Camden, Maine at 35; Wellington, Florida at 28; Brisbane, Australia at 26; Wichita Falls, Texas at 25; Shaw, District of Columbia at 21; Warren, Maine at 17; Lee’s Summit, Missouri at 15; Salt Lake City, Utah at 13; Brunswick, Maine at 12; Sydney, Australia at 10; and Mechelen, Belgium at 10.

Welcome to our new neighbors!

Carseldine, Australia; Munich, Germany; Tula De Allende, Mexico; Vacaville, California; Milford, Connecticut; Woodbury, Georgia; Cicero, Illinois; Hodgdon, Maine; Lee’s Summit, Missouri;  Broken Bow, Oklahoma; Mccurtain, Oklahoma; Upper Saint Clair, Pennsylvania; Corpus Christi, Texas; Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; 

Hillsboro, Wisconsin; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Biggest increases

Wichita Falls, Texas, 56

Dallas, Texas, 38

Saco, Maine, 32

Shaw, District of Columbia; 24

Bangor, Maine, 24

Westerville, Ohio, 13

Houston, Texas, 12

Munich, Germany, Europe, 11

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 11

Welcome neighbors!

This week, the good folks in Fairhope, Alabama are the top downloader for this week at 69 episodes.

A warm welcome to:

Pirdop, Bulgaria; Edmonton, Canada; Etobicoke, Canada; Kitchener, Canada; Grenoble, France; Sunggal, Indonesia; Ābyek, Iran; unidentified location, Sweden; Brookfield, Illinois; Fairhope, Alabama; Glen Avon, California; Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Lincoln, Maine; Frederick, Maryland; Owatonna, Minnesota; Saint Cloud, Minnesota; Wentzville, Missouri; Maplewood, New Jersey; Norwich, New York; Oregon City, Oregon; Corinth, Texas; Wichita Falls, Texas; and, Puyallup, Washington.

Thanks for listening!

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

We just dropped Episode 66, The Coming War. We are tickled pink to be recording and dropping episodes again.

We are doing this with social distancing in mind, which means we only have two or three actors recording at a time, and some others are recording from home. Putting several voices together is going to require a great deal of cut and pasting from our heroic sound engineer, who does a great job.

We understand that the recording may not be perfect, but we’re getting it done. We are adapting, improvising, and overcoming fifteen minutes at a time.

Thanks for being patient with us as we get back to normal.

Our recording studio is now open to authors.

New Meadows Media is opening its recording studio to authors. Authors can create an audiobook with the assistance of the producers of Restless Shores.

  • Record using the same space and equipment as the Restless Shores cast.
    • Gain access to a proven recording space and have the services of a skilled sound engineer.
  • Read your book yourself or hire an actor(s).
    • Do it yourself, hire your own actor, or hire one of the Restless Shores’ cast members.
    • Dramatize your audiobook with a cast of actors. We have six microphones available.
  • Turn your book into an audio script.
    • We will show you how or we will do it for you.​
  • Finalize your book for publication.
    • Use one of our sound engineers to smooth out your audio, or do it yourself.
    • Add sound effects.

For more information, contact, or call (207) 319-7561.

25,000 and counting

Yesterday, Restless Shores hit 25;000 downloads despite social distancing and, therefore, no new episodes recorded. That will end soon as we ease into normal again.

Last week we gained the following new neighbors.

Richmond, British Columbia; Guelph, Ontario; Ageo, Japan; Unknown city in Malaysia; Tombstone, Arizona; Hyattsville, Maryland; Auburn, Massachusetts; Barnstable, Massachusetts; and Hampton, Virginia.

Our Movers and shakers from last week are:

Hampton, Virginia at 68; Waterlooville, England at 40; Castlereagh, Northern Ireland at 39; Findlay, Ohio at 32; Brunswick, Maine at 27; Ageo, Japan at 25; Largo, Florida at 23; Westerville, Ohio at 21; and Portland, Maine at 13.

Thank you, everyone, for getting us to this landmark and supporting us during COVID-19 social distancing.