Wagging our own tail

It’s been said that it is a poor dog that doesn’t wag its own tail. From time to time we take an opportunity to wag our own tail. The best way to is through the mouths of our fans. Here are things that you have to say about Restless Shores. If you haven’t left a written review yet, please go to iTunes and leave one. We are all really pumped when we see them.

  • Colbydog1, Love Restless Shores!! I am completely sucked in!! I have been binge listening all weekend. The Characters are great and the twists and turns are fabulous!!!
  • Brunswickdoc, Addictive in a good way Love listening to it every Friday. Lorna Roupp is my favorite character.
  • JenFromMaine, So fun! I’m hooked! Love listening!
  • Moms favorite!,  Amazing!! I love the show! Keep it up. My favorite is Harlan the archeologists
  • Fly Fishing Simplified,  It gets you hooked Listen to the first two episodes and then try to stop listening. It isn’t possible. Great show really enjoying it.
  • claudette mcmurrin,  Hmmmm getting hot On my third episode and I’m hooked
  • Mainecreek,  Can’t wait for more! I’m already hooked, excited to hear the next episode!
  • hipstervenus,  So original! I cannot wait for the next episodes! The suspense is killing me. Love love love the characters.
  • Wilmarie9,  Scandalous!!! I wish the music at the beginning of the episodes wasn’t so long. Other than that, I love it!
  • Northeastern Scott, Interesting to see where this goes Intrigued by this and will look forward to other episodes!
  • Lion boo, Oooo the drama Ugh I love the billionaire intrigue. Let’s keep up the good story. I’m hooked.
  • Stevie in Maine,  Intriguing story Oh, dastardly things are happening in Gamote Point! Milton, Rhonda and Uriah are creating a web of blackmail and intrigue. Wonder where this will go???

And Stevie in Maine, the best is yet to be.

The 2020 Elections

Ad paid for by Restless Shores

Are you tired of being limited to voting for the survivor of a clown car full of cookie cutter candidates and nut cases?

Are you afraid that you will only have a voting option that believes in democracy as much as Ivan Bulgakov or as authentic ethnically as a Pawnakobbe?

A vote for Milton Roupp will mean as much or perhaps more than a vote for any of the dubs running for President now, and it will be a whole lot more fun.

Roupp for President of the United States in 2020.

Welcome to

Sofia, Bulgaria; Zlatitsa, Bulgaria; Magdalena Contreras, Mexico; Reynosa, Mexico; Cativá, Panama; Cape Town, South Africa; Norrköping, Sweden; Feltham, England; Oro Valley, Arizona; Fountain Valley, California; North Tustin, California; Centennial, Colorado; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Wheat Ridge, Colorado; Dunnellon, Florida; Melbourne, Florida; Ormond Beach, Florida; Alpharetta, Georgia; South Elgin, Illinois; Edgecomb, Maine; Pocasset, Massachusetts; Ham Lake, Minnesota; Enchanted Hills, New Mexico; Cary, North Carolina; Calhoun Falls, South Carolina; Beaumont, Texas; Georgetown, Texas; Live Oak, Texas; Bon Air, Virginia; Fredericksburg, Virginia; Port Orchard, Washington; and Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Thank you for pushing over 3,000 downloads in the last 30 days and moving us closer to 20,000 downloads. We are at 18,506 downloads – only 1,494 to go!

A Restless Shores welcome to

Cochabamba, Bolivia; Klisura, Bulgaria; Merrickville, Canada; Clichy, France; Plaisir, France; Tall Al Umasraj, Iraq; Seoul, Republic of Korea; Lambeth, England; Fair Oaks, California; Rosemont, California; Gainesville, Florida; Elberton, Georgia; Evansville, Indiana; Sangerville, Maine; Tenants Harbor, Maine; Las Vegas, Nevada; Willingboro, New Jersey; Berne, New York; East Tremont, New York; Deshier, Ohio; Piqua, Ohio; Rocky River, Ohio; Pryor Creek, Oklahoma; Cottonwood Heights, Utah; Bremerton, Washington; Bryn Mawr-Skyway, Washington; Kent, Washington; Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin; Nchelenge, Zambia; and Lusaka, Zambia.

Proof of Concept

Having a good idea is one thing. To be able to provide proof of concept is another.

For Restless Shores, we had a good idea. We threw this good idea into the dance of money and workforce that is the foundation of all business. After a year of production and nipping at the heels of 20,000 downloads, we have provided proof of concept for the popularity of a podcast soap opera.

Moving forward, we need to increase the cash flow so that we can continue to bring Restless Shores to you.

However, confirmation bias and belief perseverance continue to rage against our proof of concept. Conventional wisdom doesn’t know what to do with a podcast soap opera. We believe the soap opera industry isn’t comfortable with the idea either. Many continue to poke holes in our success. Many more refuse to acknowledge this achievement. To paraphrase what Stephen King said in “On Writing” there will always be people looking to tear you down.

Well, bring it on.

We stand here with our proof of concept in our hands. Let’s work together to continue to achieve anyway even though some refuse to see the truth of Restless Shores popularity and continue to view our success through biased eyes. We are asking for fans to contribute to Patreon to support us and help us give you more episodes each week.

We got this far together with your help. Let’s see how far we can take it.

And then there were 60

A warm welcome to

Canberra, Australia; Burgas, Bulgaria; North York, Canada; Woodstock, Canada; Velizy-Villacoublay, France; Karaj, Iran; Rasht, Iran; The Hague, Netherlands; Auckland, New Zealand; Fountain Hills, Arizona; Lake Forest, California; Sacramento, California; Stanton, California; Dillon, Colorado; Marco Island, Florida; Tavares, Florida; The Villages, Florida; Honolulu, Hawaii; Ogunquit, Maine; New Brighton, Minnesota; Saint Joseph, Missouri; Goffstown, New Hampshire; Mount Vernon, New York; Meadowbrook, Virginia; and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Including the United States, this puts downloads in 60 countries.

Thanks for walking along Restless Shores!

Klingon stretch

You guys all remember the Star Trek movie, “The Undiscovered Country.” The one where the Klingons are talking with the Federation about forming an alliance because one of their moons exploded? The Klingon Chancellor gets attacked, McCoy can’t save him, Kirk gets the blame and they both are convicted of the murder.

Guess where they got sent?

Rura Penthe!

You might be saying, “Yeah. Your point is?”

My point is that once again Restless Shores has gone where no man has gone before.

We have been downloaded in Rawalpidi, Pakistan!

Okay. It is spelled differently.

Right. A bunch of people have already gone there.

Sure. It’s not a separate Klingon penal colony planet.

But it sounds like Rura Penthe…kind of.

Alligators and Bumblebees

Once upon a time a writer took a writing job to write on the topic, “Can alligators climb trees?”

The writer researched the topic, read scholarly papers by folks who had spent a lifetime studying alligators, looked at alligator anatomy, and dug through news articles about alligator attacks.

The conclusion was alligators cannot climb trees. They run wicked fast, so don’t get into a race with one when death is on the line. However, you can easily escape by shinnying up a tree, just get higher than the alligator can reach.

The client hated the article and refused to pay for it. What they wanted was an article stating that alligators could climb trees. They can’t. They wanted the writer to fake the data and use sketchy photos (probably photoshopped) of alligators in trees. Nope.

The bumblebee is not aerodynamic, and many say should not fly despite evidence to the contrary. They buzz happily around our garden in the summer. No, they don’t look like “regular” bees but despite that they are entertaining to watch fly.

At Restless Shores we are not fudging the data. Over the course of time, we have seen people who do. The numbers are everything to many businesses. If those numbers get tweaked a little here and massaged a little there, well, who is to know?

We would. It ain’t right. When we give you numbers, we’re not trying to get you to trust data that has been “enhanced” to make it look like something it isn’t.

We’re more like the bumblebee. Many said Restless Shores wouldn’t fly. It’s true. We don’t look like a regular podcast. Yet here we are, happily buzzing around and entertaining to listen to without fear of alligators in the trees.

We blame the writer

Yesterday a fan (Helen) approached and said, “Well, who is it?”

We were slightly confused because, well, we do have a life outside of Restless Shores and the comment could have been referring to several other things. So, we pressed to find out what this fan meant.

We’re going to paraphrase what Helen told us to avoid spoilers. She said that Milton recognized the person who was causing his current discomfort. She wanted to know who it was.

She persisted in trying to wheedle the information out of us. She made a few guesses that were wrong. It was obvious it was making her crazy. Of course, we didn’t tell her. We don’t give out spoilers.

While we are fully aware of the talent our actors bring to Restless Shores and the flair of our sound engineer to put it all together for our fans, Helen’s evident curiosity was a direct result of the diabolical skill of our writer, Greg Tulonen.

Thanks, Greg, for bringing us all these tasty cliff hangers.